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Our Thoughts

The Drop + EPOS PC38X Gaming Headset in black is a great investment for gamers who want to take their experience to another level. This update to the popular PC37X model boasts better build quality, comfort, and sonic performance. The open-back design and angled drivers of the PC38X deliver excellent stereo imaging and locational accuracy, giving gamers a competitive edge in games that rely on sound cues.

The drivers that make up the PC38X are of top-notch quality and are used in some of the highest-rated gaming headsets available today, such as the EPOS GSP 500 and 600. With better low-end extension than its predecessor, the PC38X’s sound quality is truly lifelike. On top of this, the noise-cancelling microphone of the PC38X is perfect for gaming and video chats since it has been optimized to handle unpleasant pops, hisses, and other unwanted sounds.

Another fantastic feature of the PC38X is its updated headband, featuring a mesh-knit pad that keeps the user cool and comfortable, even after long gaming sessions. Overall, the Drop + EPOS PC38X Gaming Headset in black is an excellent choice for avid gamers who appreciate high-quality sound and seamless communication.

In conclusion, the Drop + EPOS PC38X Gaming Headset in black is an excellent investment for gamers who are serious about their audio quality. The headset’s high-quality drivers, open-back design, noise-cancelling microphone, and comfortable fit all combine to create an unparalleled audio experience that is hard to match. It is a perfect option for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, Mac, Mobile, and more gamers who desire high-quality sound and a competitive edge.