Deal Updated on June 4, 2024


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Our Thoughts

The Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 Professional Flossing Toothbrush is a game-changer for anyone who cares about their oral health. This innovative device combines the powerful cleaning action of an electric toothbrush with the proven effectiveness of a water flosser, allowing users to brush and floss at the same time. With three modes to choose from, it’s easy to customize your oral care routine and achieve a clean, healthy smile.

One of the standout features of the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 is its effectiveness. This device has been clinically proven to be up to 2x as effective as traditional brushing and flossing for reducing plaque and improving gum health. Plus, 9 in 10 dental professionals recommend the Waterpik brand, and it’s the first water flosser brand to earn the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. With these credentials, it’s easy to see why the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 is a top choice for anyone looking to improve their oral hygiene routine.

Finally, this device also has a range of convenient features that make it easy to use and maintain. The rechargeable handle includes a 2-minute brushing timer with 30-second intervals to ensure you brush for the recommended amount of time, and it has two speeds to choose from. Additionally, the built-in electric water flosser has 10 pressure settings to suit your needs. Overall, the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 is a must-have for anyone who wants a cleaner, healthier smile.