Deal Updated on June 10, 2024


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Our Thoughts

This RK61 mechanical keyboard impressed me with its triple mode capability, allowing me to switch between wireless, 2.4Ghz dongle, and USB-C wired mode. It was a breeze to connect it to my laptop, smartphone, and tablet. The compact design with 61 keys saves me space on my desk, which is especially great for FPS gaming. And, the PCB board was hot-swappable, allowing me to easily switch out switches without any soldering issues.

The high-capacity battery life is also a big plus for me. I don’t need to worry about charging too often as it can last up to 13 hours of continuous usage with its lightest backlit or 360 hours standby time. It’s perfect for a long day of work or gaming.

Although the keyboard has only single LED backlit, the 17 dynamic backlit modes keep it visually entertaining. And, it does not feel dull at all. I love the tactile feel of the blue switches, which gives me a satisfying typing experience. Overall, the RK61 is an exceptional keyboard that combines functionality, portability, and design into one.

In conclusion, the RK61 mechanical keyboard is perfect for those who want to save space on their desk, play games without a numpad, and have a long battery life. It’s also great for those who want to try out different switches without any soldering issues. The single LED backlit may not be as flashy as RGB, but the 17 dynamic backlit modes make it fun to use. I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone who wants a mechanical keyboard with triple mode capability.